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Tridynamic radically reduces the seriously high injury risks and terrors of known (Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion )/"fall risk" adversities associated with current(unbalanced) Outdated Ride On Sport Toy as well as Special Needs Tricycles today. However, sometimes also known as FDA quasi adapted, regulatory exempt (therapeutic) tricycles.

Tridynamic is only offered as the most Extraordinary and specialized need for custom builds regarding excellent progress with mobility and overall functioning in this life.
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1.(TRIDYNAMIC)SPECIAL NEEDS ADAPTIVE TRICYCLE UNITED STATES PATENT 7819414 ABSTRACT An apparatus adapted for use as a therapeutic tricycle; said apparatus including in part, a specialized lever system permitting optimal rider center of mass positioning; an optional steering lock out(dampening) system; an embodiment prescribing optimized apparatus dimensions based upon rider weight to enhance apparatus stability; an improved wheelie bar system;

2.A shock absorbing system; the combination permitting enhanced apparatus stability and abilities to perform a varied array of maneuvers providing exercise, therapeutic, and recreational advantages which particularly benefit disabled children. A method of exercising tendons and/or heel cords using a specialized adaptive tricycle.

Description: FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to human powered vehicles generally and therapeutic multi-wheeled vehicles more specifically.

BACKGROUND Multi-wheel vehicles, including tricycles, are well known in the prior art. Tricycles are known to have a specific application and use for disabled individuals. For many, a properly functioning therapeutic tricycle serves as a primary means of locomotion and makes possible goals and objectives otherwise beyond reach.

3.PRIOR ART TRICYCLES, when utilized in a therapeutic capacity, are well known to have deficiencies. The most concerning deficiency is the tendency for the apparatus to tip when the rider turns. (Tip overís)Such tricycles are always problematic, however, they are particularly devastating when sustained by individuals with specific preexisting motor impairments,that must be strapped onto the tricycle at the feet. these factors limit or prevent self protective actions during a fall often times resulting in serious TBI Traumatic Brain Injuries(Concussion).
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