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  Link   FDA complaint example
Registered complaint example.
  Link   What Is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Traumatic Brain Injury can have a significant impact on classroom performance and may affect cognitive, social, physical and psychological functioning which can vary from being quite severe or to being quite mild depending on the amount of damage. TB
  Link   Outstanding Young Californian
Honorees Announced! Jaysen Turner Sr. Thank you Everyone!, Jaycee Foundation and JCI
  Link   In The News
Jay Turner, 16, of Fair Oaks, who has (Quadrepalegic) Spastic Cerebral palsy demonstrates stunts on his Tridynamic tricycle that is (U.S. patented 7,819,414)designed for people with special needs. The tricycle significantly reduces injury (fall )ris
  Link   Tridynamic Custom 1st place winner at 2011 Bike O Rama
Tridynamic wins 1st place at 2011 Bike O Rama
  Link   UCD Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
Physical medicine and rehabilitation at UC Davis uses a creative team-oriented approach The rehabilitation doctor is trained to diagnose disability in all forms: physical, mental, social and vocational.
  Link   Nursery Fined After Tricycle accident
A NURSERY has been fined £10,000 after a child suffered a serious head injury after falling off a faulty tricycle. The youngster needed surgery after the accident, which happened at the Leapfrog Day Nursery, Northwich, in August last year. At North
  Link   Over Their Head
I also understand that children can be seriously injured even at low speeds; my wife knows of a family whose 3-year-old son died of a head injury in a freak tricycle accident
  Link   Dangers of the tricycles
Dangers of the tricycle ???
  Link   Dangerous machine
Dangerous machine
( click on quick view ) July 18, 2008 hearing to defend Jaysen's IPP. Hearings End in Contract Fraud and Pujury -Judge LEW in cooperation with David Rydquist of ACRC in fear of "Tridynamic"" Rehabilitation" as UCD PM&R Prescribed outsi
  Link   SafeKids
Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children 14 and under.
  Link   Rifton Tricycle
Rifton began in 1977 as an offshoot of Community Playthings, a leading manufacturer of furniture and equipment for early childhood settings. When our designers paid a neighborly visit to a Connecticut home for children with disabilities, a therapist
  Link   Freedom Concept's
  Link   Hidden dangers and child safety
Since accidents are the leading cause of death for children,...........Parents? How could parents be a hidden hazard to their child's safety?
  Link   Tricycle Safety Tips printable brochure
When a child falls from a tricycle he/she usually hits his forehead on the ground, which can cause serious head injuries or death.
  Link   Children with cognitive
children with cognitive, emotional or social limitations have significantly higher rates of injury, which may be due in part to a lack of appropriate prevention education.
  Link   Read your Bible
National Bible Association provides a Platform for our Nationís Leaders to encourage everyone to read the Bible.
  Link   Nest Family Learning
*Enjoy Nest family -Learning
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